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Appraisal Services

Louisville Appraisals offers the following professional services:

Form Reports

FNMA 1004 (URAR Single Family Report) $600.00
FNMA 1073 (Condo Report) $600.00
FNMA 1024 (2-4 Family Income Property Report) $1100.00
FNMA 1004C (Manufactured Home Report) $600.00
FNMA 2000 (SFR Appraisal Review Report) $600.00
FNMA 2005 (Exterior Only Residential Report) $325.00
ERC (Relocation Reports) $1100.00

Narrative Reports, Consulting or AI Report format

Single Family Residential $600.00
Condominium $600.00
Vacant Land $600.00
Manufactured Homes $600.00
2-4 Plex Apartment Buildings $800.00

** Homes with more than 4,000 square feet or complex homes, or homes with more than 5 acres, don't worry-we can handle. Just call us for a quote.

We specialize in appraisals and valuation services related to property values.